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Hi, my name is

Dan Tran

I'm a full-stack software developer focused on building quality projects while constantly learning and looking for ways to improve.


Macbell Blog
A blog I built for a client. The blog is connected to Google Analytics and built with Next.js, TailwindCSS, and uses Markdown files as the data source.
Companis Non-profit
Redesigned website I volunteered to build for a non-profit. I had to learn WordPress on the fly and implement the designs drawn up for me by the Communications Consultant and Executive Director.
Workout Share App
Application to share your completed workouts by posting them for everyone to see. Takes advantage of Redux Toolkit and a Node.js backend connected to MongoDB. App has user sign-up, login, sign-out, and authentication features.
Weather App
One of my first React applications and first experiences connecting to an external API. Great learning experience!
Weight Training Programming
Application allowing trainers to program workouts for their clients. Uses React Context and connects to Firebase as the backend. NoSQL database is structured to properly connect trainers to clients and all of the related workout information.
Portfolio Website v1
The first iteration of my portfolio website. Uses HTML, CSS, and Vanilla Javascript and is hosted on Github.

About Me

Hello! My name is Dan, software developer and student of code. As a former strength and conditioning coach, I recently developed a curiosity for technology and code during my time at UCLA. The computer science department had developed a simple application for athlete fatigue management, providing coaches with valuable information that took almost no effort to collect. Athletes could easily enter information such as soreness of specific muscles, external stressors, hours of sleep, and the program even collected countermovement jump heights daily and sent them directly to the coaches.

The application, while simple, streamlined such a crucial part of a coach's job and I found myself curious about how these programs were created and what else could be done to improve our coaching workflow. My limited understanding of the application's inner workings led me to begin learning to code. I fully dove in without previous knowledge and while it started out as overwhelming I took it one step at a time, stayed consistent, and with help from fellow coders I have been able to build a solid foundation.

I was determined to learn and along the way my curiosity turned to genuine enjoyment. The process has been a humbling experience but one that I am so excited to continue. At this point, my only regret has been not learning to code earlier!

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I am currently looking for a new opportunity and would love meet with other software engineers. My inbox is always open and I am happy to meet with anyone!